Stepchild JP Pro模型滑雪板
Stepchild JP Pro模型滑雪板

Stepchild JP Pro模型滑雪板


“ 双胞胎
“Zero Camber.

$ 429.00

Stepchild JP Pro模型滑雪板

“零弯曲意味着压力机上的零点。两个世界上最好的世界,因为这个板上拿着它在铁轨上掉了掉,同样跳跃。” – JP
J.P wanted to switch things up a bit with the flex and feel of his board this year. After testing many camber and reverse camber boards he chose to go with an ideal camber for his riding style, which is Zero Camber. Stepchild also added Kevlar re-enforcements to the core. The Kevlar re-enforcements prevent the board from “noodling out”在高冲击着陆和高速转弯上,仍然灵活5-0’S或压力机。核心由尾部杨树和山毛榉木的提示组成。这是一个带有三轴玻璃的高端专业模型板和快速的Structurn Base。 JP电路板还有28个用于最大姿态选项的插入。在董事会上获得irie mon!